Eileen MacKay-Grabka – Hair Stylist

Eileen has been a hair stylist since 1984. She been interested in the hair industry as far back as she can recall, “as a child, I would cut my dolls’ hair, and later in high school, my friends would let me cut their hair, with a pair of my uncle’s old barbering shears!”

Professionally, Eileen is known for her technical skills in hair cutting, and as a result she has developed a teaching program called ‘Design Discipline’, which she has taught within the Salon Resource Group.

In 2014, Eileen proudly became Redken Color Certified; which is an internationally recognized certification.

Education is what fuels Eileen, over the years she has taken numerous Redken classes, Pivot Point, Martin Parsons, and many more classes. She recognizes that now, with so many online options available, the possibilities are endless.

“I strongly feel that education is the key to keeping current in this industry, which is why I have enjoyed it for so long!”